In June of 2009 I had a stroke related to inadvertently beaning myself with a ‘T’ post pounder, in May, while erecting a garden fence to keep out the local mule deer. This incident changed the way I see the world.  I understand that head trauma typically changes peoples personalities. With me, I found it necessary to try and understand the financial system that melted down in November of 2008, and the web of connected dots that is never talked about in ‘lame stream’ news. Coinciding with my investigation I killed my TV and lost interest in things that don’t “count”,  such as football.

I know many people that feel things are not right, but do not allow themselves because of willful ignorance to pull the curtain away and see the corruption and pure evil that surrounds this so-called democracy we are controlled by.  These people are my friends and they are smart and generally aware in many other ways.  They do not want to question the Government, as being the main problem.  I say this because the Government is a tool that is controlled by powerful corporations and individuals.  In our democracy the elected officials who retire or don’t get re-elected go into the private corporate world and come back as lobbyists.

The Supreme Court, in for life and unelected; the entire current crew scares the crap out of me.                                                                                                                                                  The title of my piece, ‘The Supreme Court Bench’ is based on the ruling  Citizens United which is pure Orwellian doublespeak.

Materials: 1/4″ steel plates, cable, turnbuckle, 100’s of images, corporate logos, epoxy.                        Private collectionInterconnected corruption of government, NGO's, and corporations

EVERY politician that makes it as the main candidate for President, Congress and Senate in either party is approved by, and funded by the power Elites.  Nothing has changed, no matter the party in power,  since I don’t know when.  The military-industrial-terrorism complex, always gets increases because they play the fear card, best.  The Powers-That-Be (PTB) want us fighting each other or engaged in nonsense, so that we will not see the curtain, let alone what may be behind it.  See this CBS news report,  starring my second favorite Neocon.


After my stroke, 50 years of programming more or less started to fall away.  We are subversively and subliminally propagandized  to think that America is the best country in the history of mankind.  I love this country because of it’s people.  Most want to do good, but others will take until there is nothing left to take or until WE stop them.

Jefferson said,  ‘Question your government…’.   If we do nothing how do you think things will end up?  Keep your money in your communities.  Yeah they create it from debt and from nothing,  but to have a chance we all have to become local.

See fascism, corptocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy, and shills.  These systems do not work so well for the regular honest citizen.


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