Let The Bankers Eat Cake

This series of work titled  Let Them Eat Cake for the most part was inspired by the economic implosion of 2008 created by the bankers. Hank Paulson the Bush appointed treasury secretary former Goldman Sucks director said we have to bail the banks out or the entire economy would collapse. (extortion)Seems like a collapse to me, but they stole the money with the Feds help. These sociopaths pull this scam on a regular basis, remember the savings and loan collapse under Ronny Reagan. At least then over 1000 low level guys went to jail.

Little Timmy Geightner was the head of the New York Fed and a insider and former protege of Robert Rubin who previously held the co director position of Goldman sucks the world dry. Rubin was Clintons treasury secretary who went on to be the co-head of Citi Bank another receiver of TARP funds. Timmy also worked for Kissinger Associates in New York and the World Bank. These guys are nothing more than an organized crime ring who pulled off the biggest heist in the history of mankind.

The Federal Reserve not Federal and no reserves is a private central bank that creates fiat currency from nothing , but debt and lends it to us the tax payer at interest. This debt is impossible to pay back and we should start over. As long as the debt is serviced by our taxes the parasites are happy. The IRS was birthed at the same time as the creation of the Fed in 1913. The IRS collects $$ for the Fed. The fed was invented under secrecy by the robber barons JP Morgan who worked for the Rothchilds, JD Rockefella, Paul Warburg of the Warburg English banker family, and Nelson Aldrich (senator from Rhode Island on the finance committee.  One of the best books on the subject is The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. The Fed and the other central banks are the problem. The fiat debt based currency system makes slaves of us all. The mind controlling TV and the lame stream news NEVER talk about the fed in any meaningful way.

This scam is coming to a head because it has tapped us dry. These creeps have another plan, what will it be world government?

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