War is peace

Obummer says we will be leaving Afghanistan in 2014,  by then we will be in a fight with Iran and their reluctant allies China and Russia, Syria will have been smashed just as Libya was.  What will be gained by staying in Afghanistan for two more years?  Answer Scattered permanent  bases, securing of resources for corporations, protecting poppie fields for heroin production and the installation of weapons on its border.  This geographic location through history has been a gem many empires have lusted over, but have always  failed to secure the country.  The military has been there for ten f—ing years the longest American war in our history and most of us know we have been involved in plenty of them.  We may crash on the rocks of this unconquerable country just like the Russians and British before us.

Who is really behind this blood thirsty never ending war making?  Lets start by following the money.  The banks through the Federal Reserve system lend us money they create out of thin air based on debt and we pay the interest through our taxes.  The military industrial terrorism complex gets the bulk of our direct expenditures and the banking system gets the rest through interest on the debt.

The Nobel Peace prize was made worthless the first time by awarding it to Henry Kissinger and then placed around the neck of the Globalist puppet Obama.  Think about it Obama gets elected and the next thing we know, he gets the peace prize, for what, future actions?  This was nothing less than a psychological operation perpetrated against the citizens of this planet.

blood thirsty

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