The State of the State

It is time to change the dream.

It has been a while since the last post, but since my dream last night I want to share it.

The dream consisted of a long line of vehicles in front of me on some non de-script highway in some non de-script landscape. It seemingly took hours to finally get to a vantage point where I could see the cause of the backup, it was an official check point manned by large armed men in dark uniforms. They were picking through toolboxes, suitcases, backpacks, vehicle interiors and every person was being patted down. There were speakers repeating the phrase stay in your vehicle over and over.

Eventually it was my turn in the barrel where the dark uniformed men went through all my belongings and asked me questions such as, “give me your papers, where are you coming from, what did you do there, where are you going, what will you do when you get there, what is your occupation(unemployed), are you single or married, do you have children, how old are they, do you receive food stamps?” I asked the man what was the purpose of this traffic stop and he said it is for your own good, we are keeping you safe. I asked him “safe from what” and he said “terrorists”.

This is a allegory of the creeping police state that has wormed its way into every part of our society. For the most part we are allowing this tyranny to take hold without any resistance because of the fake war on terror programming. What is denial and apathy, but evil? Most Americans seem to drift through their lives without looking around to question their prison or on what side the key resides, as long as they have their depression meds, and the box that streams in their thought memes, sports, non reality programming and the manufactured “News”. I say man would choose death over thinking, why, because the years of programming that starts in elementary school. We are taught that America is exceptional in every way. I say we are good at invading nations for globalist bankers, oil companies and the military industrial terrorism complex.

The elected shills, most not all, work on behalf of themselves and their masters and have sold us out. They don’t pay any attention to the constitution or the fact they are supposed to work for us. They get the best health insurance until they die and after only one term they become millionaires because it is not illegal for them to do insider trading. Because of the Citizens United Supreme court ruling they can take unlimited campaign donations without the past requirement of reporting how much or from who. Does this sound like the America we have been taught to believe in? See Supreme Court Bench sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Everything is upside down and backwards:
*Public school as in a school of fish does not teach critical thinking but to swim with the school and not stick out. A real education would teach real history, not the history that is made up.  A real education would provides students the life tools to question everything. Why does it take twelve years to graduate from High school with a questionable education?  My take on the education system is it functions as a indoctrination baby sitting service.

*The American health system is the most expensive on the planet and is a promoter of pharmaceutical drugs that does not cure patients, but only treats them repeatably. Why in public education are students not taught that proper food and supplements will keep one healthy and prevent the need for drugs. Why is our public water supply fluoridated, if you say to prevent tooth decay that is what you are programmed to say. Do some research into what failed regimes used it, and what industries have to get rid of it, because it is a poison by product of their manufacturing process. Photo from pallet at our water treatment plant. Read material data sheet(MSDS)                                                                  The health system consisting of doctors, hospitals, medical schools, insurance companies, should exist to promote health, but in reality does the exact opposite.  Cancer in our population has exploded over the last two decades, it is obviously being caused by our environment, yet the cancer industry has no solution or a cure, why would they want a cure, when there is so much money to be made by their lame poisonous treatments.  The US government allows banks to launder illicit drug money, if a bank doesn’t get caught they just keep doing it.  Wachovia prior to being consumed by Wells Fargo got caught laundering 379 Billion and only had to pay around 100 million in fines.  Blacks caught with remnants of a plant in their pockets go to jail for years, but the bank gets off with a small fine(cost of doing business) and know one goes to jail.  There is over 700,000 African Americans in prison for simple marijuana possession.  The war on drugs is just another American war not meant to be won, but is designed to enrich private prison corporations and banks.  The government has been caught over and over dealing banned drugs and it just keeps doing it.  Currently in Afghanistan our soldiers provide the opium dealers with protection and fertilizer.  The proceeds from the sales are deposited in US banks.  George Herbert Walker Bush got the name poppy because he was totally involved in the drug trade when he was the head of the CIA.                                                         … So while tens of thousands of Americans continue to be harmed or killed every year by overdoses from drugs originating from this illicit opium trade, and while cultivation of innocuous crops like marijuana and hemp remains illegal in the US, the American military is actively guarding the very poppy fields in Afghanistan that fuel the global drug trade. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.
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*The financial system is a total fallacy based on a debt based fiat currency that is controlled by a private enterprise(Federal Reserve) that allows no audits and no competition. The goal of this system is debt serfdom where countries and persons owe the banks. The goal of a financial system should exist only for the good of humanity, but in reality exists for the benefit of only a tiny minority. This area to be expanded

*Why do we have non stop wars that are never won? Why does the government always have a convenient enemy that only wants to take your freedom. Why do we invade countries without nuclear weapons that are inhabited by brown and tan skinned poor people and steal their resources? What companies get the spoils from our invasions?

*Why does the midwest grow two major crops, corn and soy beans with the growing system designed by Monsanto.  This system uses round up a herbicide(weed killer) and the seeds are genetically modified so insects ether die when they consume the plant or don’t eat it at all.  If you think eating GMed food will not harm you just keep eating it.

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  1. Deep says:

    Thanks, it took me a while, but I seatrtd to learn about all the secret dealings of the fed, like bailing out European banks and bailing out non-bank firms in the U.S. I prefer solutions that are simple to implement, and prevent shenanigans, hence a gold standard, so the Fed can’t manipulate the currency to do its dirty work.

  2. jeff says:


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