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How bout those Egyptians? Soo is this a US/Israel backed coup or a real uprising by the people. My answer today is, nothing is by accident, the powers that be got sick of the dictator. He has 70 billion in various investments around the world including rodeo drive in LA. He was Israel’s shill, but we paid him.

Never mind Egypt what is important to Americans is bread and circus; record viewership once again for the stuper bowl while the country is going straight into the shitter.

Obummer and the congress critters approve GM alfalfa and sugar beats. They make no pretense regarding what we think or want. Our government is not our government.

I had a vision semi waking dream where the elites of the world responsible for our woes were being run down by the citizens of the world. (think nooses, lanterns, and pitchforks) They had enough time to get to their private planes, but when attempting the landings at their remote escape pads their own guards put logs, cars, dumpsters, and other shit on the landing strips. The last image I had was planes ditching into the ocean. Now that’s a happy ending.

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  1. Lavinia says:

    I really wish there were more airtlces like this on the web.

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