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Psychopaths are us Posted on Memorial day 2014

This article sums up what it takes to be a leader in America

Psychopaths dominate the halls of power in both the United States and throughout the world. The current economic, political, military and legal system breeds psychopaths, rewarding psychopathic behavior and punishing those with conscience and integrity. Psychopaths will naturally be drawn to and converge at the apex of the power pyramid as much from their own drive for ambitious power as the hierarchical system that both requires and reinforces those who can comfortably operate without conscience, guilt or any genuine level of empathy toward others.

Psychopaths are in love with power and risk taking, masters of manipulation, self-serving opportunism and self-aggrandizement, and hold doctorates in deceit and deception. Psychopaths are super intelligent charmers who are highly skilled at playing others in order to get what they want. They are keenly perceptive at reading people, understanding their motives and values, brilliant at learning their weaknesses and blind spots, and highly effective at inducing both sympathy and guilt in others.

Instinctively knowing what others want to hear, psychopaths are gifted at winning over others, making them feel special and wanted. They are adept at making positive and lasting first impressions and initially demonstrating that they appear to be caring and considerate, but only on the most superficial, disingenuous level. Their innately keen intelligence, social charisma and charm, extroverted energies, over-the-top confidence are all weapons they utilize in their powerful arsenal to win over, defeat and control others, especially to win over those imbued with power and position that they yearn for themselves.

Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to pick brains, soliciting information, knowledge, creative ideas and even secrets from others, yet opportunistically utilize them to their own advantage as living proof that information is power, parading them as their own ideas and knowledge, and craftily taking and receiving undeserving credit and accolades from bosses and those in power. They are gifted actors, able to take on chameleon-like colors according to their particular social setting and company. Though they lack a capacity to feel emotions with any depth or intensity, as actors and manipulators they are able to manufacture crocodile tears for effect whenever it suits and benefits them.

The part of the brain that regulates emotions, the amygdala, is less active in psychopaths. Thus, they do not feel fear, sadness, regret or disgust that the rest of us experience. Only when it is self-serving will psychopaths act scared, sorry, indignant or surprised, and the key operable word here is act because that is all they can do when it comes to showing real emotion. They have no trouble putting on the act of emotions when they are determined to manipulate others most often into feeling guilty or sympathetic toward them. The only genuine emotion psychopaths express is anger whenever their manipulations are thwarted or rebuffed. They frequently use intimidation tactics and can behave impulsively and even violently when angered, especially in response to a perceived personal insult or perceived betrayal of trust or perceived lack of respect for their authority. But most often their emotional tirades are to manipulate, gain power and control over others.

Psychopaths are extremely confident, bold, outgoing and superficially friendly. Along with their air of assured confidence comes a bombastic arrogance, maverick eccentricity and Machiavellian grandiosity. Their gamey nature lusts for the competition of battle, an insatiable desire to win at all costs, and a gloating, short lived gratification that brings victor’s spoils. They also make formidable enemies, poker-faced while tactically holding their cards close to their chest, yet instinctively aware of when to strategically assert themselves to initiate decisive action, launch aggressive attacks and predatorily move in for their strategic kill. They are perennial predators bloodthirstily lusting for more power.

Psychopaths are masters of impression management and the art of ingratiation, crucial skills fully utilized in impressing those in positions of power while ruthlessly navigating up the treacherous and slippery if not slimy ladder to success. In addition to their characteristic lack of conscience and empathy, perhaps their signature trademark is their penchant for spewing out never ending pathological lies. Not surprisingly, psychopaths flourish in cultures that value competition and winning, boldness and risk taking, success and materialism, ambition and power, social namedropping and social climbing, status and prestige, style and appearance over substance and depth, and suave, witty charm and game-playing artificiality over sincerity, honesty and moral integrity. In short, they especially thrive in Western cultures based on competition and exploitation of fellow man and nature.

Psychopaths see others in terms of how they can be conveniently and cunningly used and manipulated to assist them in achieving their selfish goals and ambitions. Superficial friendships, transitory alliances and even partnerships (including marital) manifest as psychopaths perceive others in terms of their utilitarian value as tools, steppingstones or springboards toward achieving their success. As soon as psychopaths believe others have served their purpose, they are deemed no longer of any real value and quickly disposed of, discarded and/or betrayed. Loyalty is a foreign and abstract construct to psychopaths.

Psychopaths instinctively know how to lie their way out of trouble. It comes natural to them and over time they become experts at it. Skilled in logic and debate, they can readily rattle off an explanatory excuse using double talk for virtually anything. Many end up utilizing their innate skills as lawyers who in turn end up as politicians. In fact most of the politicians in the US Senate are attorneys. Just as effective as they are at absolving themselves of any and all responsibility and culpability of being completely blameless, they are equally skilled at pointing the finger at others and throwing them under the bus. In order to get elected and stay elected, psychopathic politicians must be extremely convincing in their powers of persuasion. And of course using their cunning charm and capacity to fabricate seamlessly at will, their power to manipulate and persuade is among their chief assets. They are experts in bullshitting and playing the fake pretense game.

Another strength is their capacity to keep their cool under fire. While the rest of us are reacting to normally stressful and dangerous situations with fear and anxiety, they manage to not sweat it and operate with relative calm. This skill of course places them at a distinct advantage in professions where constraint and self-control are required under pressure. Thus typically they fare well in the fast paced world of politics, the military and finances.

As anyone can readily see from the preceding prototype description of the psychopath, the high powered arena of politics, the dog-eat-dog corporate world and the strong arm tactics of the military domain are all ideal and ripe fields of endeavor for those imbued with psychopathic traits.

A study out of Great Britain last year using a psychopathic survey to assess the presence of psychopathic traits within the national workforce showed that CEO’s, politicians, media honchos, lawyers, surgeons, military generals, police officers and the clergy all scored highest. Generally any line of work characterized by a hierarchical infrastructure that places those in positions of power ruling over others with relative impunity proves to be the most fertile ground attracting those with a psychopathic personality.

By design the morally bankrupt oligarchic system is structured in such a way as to identify, groom and regularly promote up the power pole ladder slick psychopaths who play their cards right. They inherently know how to say the right words to the right persons at the strategic moment to calculatingly scheme and coldheartedly plot their rise to the highest echelons of power. As mere policymaking stewards for their puppet master oligarchs who are not just the shadowy, full fledged members of an elitist club of psychopaths, but like everything else, they are in fact bona fide role models and outright owners of this exclusive club of psychopaths. Without any conscience, remorse, guilt or even second thought, they wield increasingly absolute power and control over the earth’s dominions, causing unconscionable amounts of suffering and pain to billions of fellow human beings in this world. For all the theft, death and destruction they perpetrate, if oligarchs are not psychopaths, than they are simply not human.

A politician spends more time, energy and money trying to get elected/reelected to public office than any other single pursuit or pastime. In this pragmatic way, the psychopathic description that they are mere public cons and hustlers selling themselves on the highest, competitively demanding stage is neither too simplistic nor an exaggeration. Robert Hare, the leading expert on psychopathy as a mental disorder who devised a psychopathic checklist, observed that psychopaths representing just one percent of the general population possess an especially heightened need for both power and prestige, seemingly prerequisite essentials for every aspiring politician. Moreover, psychopaths score low on measures of stress reactivity, anxiety and depression while scoring high on measures of competitive achievement, positive impressions with first encounters and fearlessness. Substitute the word politician for the word psychopath and you will find the two interchangeable and synonymous because they pretty much actually are one and the same.

To test and confirm this hypothesis, simply go back to every previous reference to the word psychopath and substitute either politician, general or CEO and you will realize that in every sense of the word, the present system as it currently exists produces leadership in every sector and realm that is well endowed with an abundance of psychopathic traits. While these particular professions may attract psychopaths, as a disclaimer it is important to mention that psychopathic traits and tendencies are on a continuum, and a specific politician or general may possess certain traits and tendencies but may not exhibit severe or enough symptoms to qualify with an official diagnosis of psychopathic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy.

When renowned Harvard clinical psychologist and author of The Sociopath Next Door Dr. Martha Stout (who uses sociopath and psychopath interchangeably) was asked if politicians are more likely to be psychopaths, she answered:

“Yes, politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/ psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this… That a small minority of human beings literally have no conscience was and is a bitter pill for our society to swallow – but it does explain a great many things, shamelessly deceitful political behavior being one.”
Even a cursory examination of the most powerful leaders who reach the very top in America – President Barrack Obama and the most famous living US general ex-CIA Director David Patraeus – both illustrate as psychopathic poster boys what has gone most wrong in America. The psychopathic traits and tendencies of their actions, misdeeds and public records will be examined next.

Barrack Hussein Obama is a Machiavellian pathological liar of the first order. His mounting pile of shattered and broken promises to the American people used during his meteoric rise to power from relative obscurity as a largely unknown junior senator from Illinois a dozen years ago to becoming the most powerful leader (albeit as elected figurehead front man to the true power of the oligarchy that owns him) in the most powerful nation on earth is the stuff of urban psychopathic legends. We all remember the man who captured the hopeful, yearning hearts of so many Americans who were so exhausted and demoralized by the psychopaths Bush and Cheney and their brutal evil psychopathic agenda. Obama campaigning on his mantra of hope appeared on the national scene like a desperately needed breath of fresh air. The first African American president rode in on his white horse wave of hope that weary America had finally found its first populist champion of the people since FDR and Lincoln’s four score and seven years ago days.

Of course Obama is but one man in a morally bankrupted, highly dysfunctional political system with two corrosive and corrupt parties representing the same oligarch interests whose political agenda was and remains simply to play partisan politics and cancel each other out as the most lame and ineffective Congressional body in US history. So our fantasy of wonder boy riding his white horse into the White House on America’s hopes and dreams realistically was but a set-up for failure from the get-go (from the populists’ point of view, obviously not from the oligarchs’ POV who were carefully grooming him years prior to his meteoric rise).

After all, Barrack Obama was a man who felt destined for historic greatness and as such would do anything to become arguably the most powerful man on earth. His lust for power even as the thoroughly compromised, sold out, half black front man to his puppet slave masters was certainly unquenchable from the start. That particular criteria on his psychopathic checklist has clearly been met in aces.

Returning to Obama as pathological liar, Americans were hoping that he would keep his most important promise of all, that he would be honest in contrast with the ultra-secretive, yet not-so-hidden war crime agenda that became an in-our-face, anything but a skeleton in the Bush-Cheney closet, not even their inside 9/11 job. With those neocons we all knew what we were up against with their oppressive fascist regime. But Obama was the great black hope and champion of the little people. So his betrayal of our trust was taken personally. We believed his promise that he would be different in his vow to maintain ultra-transparency and the commitment of always being open and honest with the American people who elected him. This was his biggest, far-from-white lie. As the most secretive, aggressively reactionary, pathological lying president in US history, it is his most sinister and unforgivably darkest sin of them all. He has blocked more requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act than any prior president in history. He has also declared war on the truth in general and on honest journalists and whistleblowers in particular, harassing, indicting and imprisoning more of them on espionage act charges than all previous administrations combined.

Like all of our public servants from Congress to the Supreme Court, Obama swore to uphold the US Constitution. Yet they have all failed us miserably, constantly violating and running roughshod over US citizens’ rights to privacy, search and seizure and due process protection. That is his second most egregious lie. Under his regime, Obama has not only run with the fascist torch handed off to him by his predecessors, but he has rammed tyranny and oppression down America’s throat, now left gasping for air with our long lost and stolen liberties and fast dying freedoms laying in ashes amidst the Orwellian nightmare come true of an oligarchic militarized police state.

Another of Obama’s burn in hell lies is that he was supposed to be the prudent, thoughtful, calm and cool man of reason who was to supposed to restore America’s good will standing with the rest of the world and finally stop the forever war agenda and Empire aggression once and for all. Instead, Mr. Psychopathic Cool under pressure Obama again has only accelerated the megalomaniacal war policies of his predassessor.

He has our nation still mired in another costly counterinsurgency war defeat in Afghanistan that has lasted longer than any previous US war in history. He has polarized the world causing the next cold war after causing a coup in another sovereign nation Ukraine deposing another democratically elected president. He has only continued on steroids the disastrous imperialistic neocon policy of destabilizing targeted nations for more regime changes around the world. Obama has gone after any independent country after independent country that happens to refuse to be subjugated and exploited by the world’s only superpower bully.

And Obama has only continued the psychopathic policy of using onetime allies (like Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Kaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and Vladimir Putin just to name a few) and then turning on them one by one whenever they have been used up. Instead of bringing war to an end as promised, Obama has chosen to expand Special Operations with unlimited deep taxpayer funded pockets fighting dirty little secret wars around the world in at least 134 nations. Then when it comes to our supposed al Qaeda enemy, he has betrayed the American people once again by misusing their hard earned tax dollars to finance and support lowlife al Qaeda mercenaries in another disastrous losing cause in Syria. Obama never fails to use his personal favorite brand of modern warfare the drone as his excuse to kill not only innocent civilians around the world but even threatens to use them to kill Americans on American soil in the probable near future. That is how boldface his Machiavellian, arrogant, self-righteous, God-like, in-our-face abusive power of betrayal toward his own citizenry has exponentially grown.

Then there are all those not-so-hidden, out of the closet, scandalous cover-ups that just keep proliferating before our very eyes during his lame duck term. The Benghazi tragedy where he and his
partners-in-crime, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his then CIA Director General Petraeus, were responsible for the murder of the Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Their lies to suppress the truth have manifested as death threats to any of the CIA-Special Ops personnel who were witnesses that also came under attack that fateful 9/11/12 night while their leaders ignored their desperate calls for help. While Americans were dying, Obama flew westward off to another fancy fundraising dinner to make sure he got reelected less than two months later, not losing a wink of sleep, another sure sign of his psychopathic nature.

Then came the IRS scandal targeting anti-Obama conservative right wing groups, Christian fundamentalists, tea party groups for undue scrutiny and harassment. The subsequent cover-up includes the Obama administration’s continued denial of any and all responsibility. Then there was Obama’s Justice Department’s cover-up of the debacle where the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was caught purposely selling guns to the Mexican drug cartel that were soon used in the murder of a US Drug Enforcement Administration officer and US Border agents.

In a growing litany of scandal after scandal, Obama is defensively on the run with the latest story of another Pandora’s box currently breaking as Veterans Administration hospitals across the country have apparently been cooking the books to cover-up unlawful lag times to treating US veterans and hordes of them dying while waiting to receive care. It turns out that the Phoenix VA hospital may be responsible for at least 40 deaths of veterans waiting for appointments that never came in time and this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg as the broken VA healthcare system is just one more institution trying to conceal the ugly truth from getting out to the public. The cracks in the VA’s stonewalling dam are breaking and opening up the floodgate to the hundreds if not thousands of veterans this Memorial Day weekend who have become fatal victims in the overburdened, mismanaged VA health system. The US is learning the hard way that the horror of sending young men and women in uniform to fight and die in multiple Empire wars has created an out of control Frankenstein monster of an epidemic unable to properly care for the growing numbers of severely damaged veterans. The year or more spent on a waiting list backlog just to receive services for our returning war veterans is killing 22 of them a day through suicide alone. The VA has come under increasing heat by using Big Pharma to snow under the veterans’ severe PTSD symptoms by treating them only with excessive use of drugs rather than real care involving intensive therapy and long term support groups. The onetime senator on the veterans affairs committee made bold promises to ensure that a grateful nation will always take care of those who bravely serve their country. Looks like yet another broken promise by a president who fails to put his money where his glib mouth is.

The problem goes far beyond either President Obama or VA director General Shinseki. The problem has everything to do with an overextended, corrupt and vicious US Empire murdering millions around the world (including our own) in a last gasp, geopolitical chessboard power grab of a dying and decaying superpower – not unlike the Roman Empire a millennium ago. As much of a psychopath as Obama is as the despotic war criminal terrorist, it is the evil psychopathic system that groomed and produced him that is the underlying root cause. And just as drugs are bandaids, blaming a psychopath president overlooks the underlying systemic cause. Until the power structure of the global oligarchy changes, the monumental, unprecedented theft, death and destruction of our only planet will merely continue until its tragic bitter end.

There are simply too many CEO’s in the psychopathic corporate world to even go into on an individual basis. Suffice it to say that psychopathic birds of a feather flock together as Obama has ensured that not even one white collar Wall Street-bankster criminal has gone to prison over the scandalous home loan mortgage-housing bubble burst fiasco of 2009 that plunged America into a deep recession where millions were defrauded and lost their homes. Yet no sooner does that travesty unfold, the swindled American public still freshly reeling financially were then forced by Obama et al to bail out the largest US corporations and banks. Then adding insult to injury, the CEO’s were touting huge multimillion dollar yearend bonuses off the sacrificial backs of the struggling, disappearing middle class. Those Obama-nation bail outs were as obscene and sinister as any coldhearted psychopathic behavior can get for so many hurting Americans struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for their families.

One recent study found that 10% of Wall Street traders in the financial services industry are financial psychopaths that can present as “a perfect well-rounded job candidate, CEO, manager, co-worker, and team member because their destructive characteristics are practically invisible.” These individuals thrive in fast-paced, competitive industries, are experts at taking full advantage of company systems and exploiting communication weaknesses in others. They have a propensity for instigating interpersonal conflicts designed to make themselves look good and peer competitors look bad to their bosses. Like all psychopaths, corporate psychopaths lack empathy and interest in what others think or feel. They exhibit loads of charisma and charm as well as intelligence and credentials, a remarkable capacity for lying, fabrication, cutthroat manipulation, and a compulsive drive for thrill seeking, taking high risks and gambling.

As a West Point graduate and former Army officer, I encountered a sizeable percentage of military psychopaths posing as officers as well. Common characteristics shared with their political and corporate counterparts are a “win at all cost” drive, an unquenchable thirst for power and control over others, a constant concern for appearance and looking good in front of superiors, and a nauseating display of ass kissing ingratiation to gain favors from higher ranking superior officers. Though West Point cadets have an honor code that prohibits them from lying, cheating or stealing, or tolerating those who do, I observed firsthand how too many officers regularly lie through their teeth knowing that higher rank simply permits them to get away with it with impunity – that is until I came along.

I was a West Point dissident who did not believe in the inhumane and unjust system that for way too long has been churning out mindless robots as toxic psychopathic leaders who repeatedly lose costly, protracted and unjustified imperialistic wars from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. I single handedly forced the less than honorable institution after 170 years to no longer operate above the law by becoming the first cadet to ever challenge and beat the West Point system in a court of law. My landmark 1972 law case brought the constitutional right to due process into the previously impenetrable massive gray stone granite walls. Because I battled psychopaths at West Point who attempted to play God by committing command conspiracy and running up my demerits on a series of false charges to railroad me out of the Academy, I know firsthand what lurks behind the psychopathic military mind. As one individual I am proud of my accomplishment, standing up to their lies and injustice to fight and defeat the psychopaths of West Point.

One of my plebe year roommates was the longest running commander of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars from 2003 to 2007 General John Abizaid. The reprehensible Abu Ghraib prison scandal occurred while under Abizaid’s command. Fresh off that scandal, former NFL star Pat Tillman’s friendly fire death and subsequent cover-up also happened on my old roommate’s watch. When asked by Congress when he knew Tillman was killed by his own troops, Abizaid said not until several weeks later after the tragedy. Yet General Stanley McChrystal wired General Abizaid at his Central Command headquarters in Qatar right after the accidental death. But the high achieving West Point graduate sitting next to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a couple years later both lied about when they first learned of the circumstances and it was proven that Abizaid was not where he claimed to be in Iraq because the day McChrystal notified him Abizaid was on record having given a press conference in Qatar. Unlike many US generals, I know that my onetime roommate John Abizaid is not a full blown psychopath. In the end he became both scandal- and war-weary himself but nonetheless he still lied before Congress to save his own ass. CYA is the standard norm in both higher echelons of power on down.

While I was rooming with the future war commander Abizaid, my other roommate at the time was to later become General Karl Eikenberry who the day after he retired Obama swore in as the Ambassador to Afghanistan. My two freshman roommates are both currently active members on the Council on Foreign Relations.

Other notables who went on to prominence from the graduating West Point class directly behind me are the infamous General David Patraeus, until last month the equally infamous National Security Administration (NSA) Director General Keith Alexander and the highest ranking general in the land the Pentagon’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey. Having received the exact same higher education and leadership training as these most powerful military men in America, as a West Point insider and whistleblower, I am dedicated to exposing the truth behind the hypocrisy, corruption and inhumane and thoroughly broken system that brainwashes, molds and launches psychopaths into becoming American Empire’s future leaders, the same ones busily pushing humanity off the current doomsday cliff.

Targeting and killing thousands of people including so called “collateral damage” that are innocent civilian families, mothers and children perceived as the sub-human enemy cause no sleepless nights or a tinge of guilt for the hardened, cold blooded psychopathic generals in charge. The brutal savagery of war atrocities and crimes against humanity are simply the way war has always been waged. The risk taking, the thrill and adrenalin rush of combat, the exhilaration that comes with ultimate and absolute life and death power and control over millions of other human beings all in the name of national security and Empire breeds psychopaths to long lasting careers of warmongering and perpetual war on terror. Only the terrorists on this grandest scale are not the Islamic extremists but the US psychopaths that continue leading us to war in a destabilizing agenda for nonstop regime changes around the world by any means necessary, and that invariably means war after war after more war in a never ending curse against all of humanity. The latest frenetic pace of war drum beating and saber rattling accompanied by the old familiar propaganda blitz demonizing other nations and people that happen to resist the already overextended US Empire aggressor is their psychopathic swan song ultimately bent on bringing us all to destruction.

For more detailed information than provided in this brief presentation, an entire chapter of my West Point manuscript is devoted to the poster boy for toxic leadership himself General David Petraeus. There exists no other West Pointer more qualified and illustrative an example of the embodiment of a military psychopath than Betray-us-Petraeus. I went to school with him in the same First Regiment my final three years at the Academy. In fact the loser of my court case, General Knowlton who was the sitting Superintendent, happened to be General Petraeus’ father-in-law. Psychopaths are known for using others for self-gain and as a cadet what better way out of the gate to launch his golden parachute of a career than by marrying the Supe’s daughter Holly Knowlton straight out of West Point.

Like my two high profile “star man” roommates, Petraeus also ranked academically within the top 5% of his West Point class and also earned postgraduate degrees from Ivy League institutions (my roommates graduated from Harvard while Petraeus is a PhD Princeton grad). Petraeus’ dissertation was a treatise on lessons learned from the Vietnam War that he failed to put into practice as commander of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. What is clear from his writing is an imperialistic ethnocentric disregard for the suffering and damage afflicted on the native inhabitants of US occupied nations. He has no understanding or compassion for what his brand of counterinsurgency warfare has on the people whose “hearts and minds” he claims to wanted to win over.

Having literally written the US Army manual on counterinsurgency warfare (called the COIN manual), his war crime aggression murdering thousands upon thousands of people (the US killed a million and a half Iraqis during its decade long occupation) failed completely in winning any hearts and minds other than his neocon bosses in both the Bush and Obama administrations. Desperate to distort the truth in order to save face in Iraq, both Washington DC and the sycophantic mainstream press crowned their golden boy the Iraq War savior for his 2008 surge allegedly bringing much needed security to Iraq (which reality fails to confirm). In any war America wages, it is impossible to anoint a war hero in a war defeat, thus convenient twisting of truth to fit a war hero status falsely elevated Petraeus to being touted as the next Republican president after Bush.

General Petraeus was responsible in 2004-2005 for training Iraqi death squad commandos to round up for torture and murder many Iraqi citizens detaining them in hundreds of secret prisons similar to Abu Ghraib. The Guardian last year released its investigation exposing Petraeus’ direct role in violating international law with unlawful detainment, torture and murder. Yet this is how counterinsurgency warfare according to General Petraeus is properly waged. And for all its damage and destruction, next to no intelligence information was ever gathered through such war crime atrocity methods. When the story broke a year ago, a Petraeus spokesman stated that Petraeus kept both the Iraqi leaders as well as his bosses Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld fully informed of all the covert operations. Petraeus’ response shows more psychopathic tendencies typical when caught in any wrongdoing by a feeble attempt to absolve guilt by blaming others.

In December 2009 General Petraeus ordered a Tomahawk cruise missile strike from a nuclear naval submarine off the Yemen coast that murdered forty-one people in a small rural village, all women and children except three. After fellow psychopath Obama pressured the Yemen puppet president to falsely claim the missile was from Yemen, then later exposed to be an American missile, Petraeus lied claiming “only one wife and two children” were among the casualties and that the rest were all al Qaeda operatives. So much for his West Point honor code. But then psychopaths go to unlimited lengths to lie and avoid blame in order to save their own powerful careers. When the Yemen reporter that uncovered the truth about the US missile was about to be released from prison by the Yemen president, the vindictive psychopath devoid of any conscience Obama recontacted his Yemen puppet to ensure the journalist was falsely imprisoned longer for simply telling the truth. After three years of false imprisonment the journalist was finally released last July.

After Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ article that resulted in Afghanistan war commander General McChrystal’s forced resignation, once again the next US President Obama called upon the Iraq War savior to work his surge magic as McChrystal’s replacement in Afghanistan. Except this time the surge man clearly failed as the US military found itself in another unwinnable quagmire in the face of a resurging Taliban enemy. More psychopathic behavior was observed in Petraeus when the pathological liar went before Congress falsely claiming that “significant progress” was being made. The general also lied about the heroin crop being sizably reduced when in fact it was the biggest bumper crop since the war began. But too much US money was being made in the international heroin drug smuggling trade to tell the truth. Prior to his probable assassination nearly a year ago for knowing too much about the wrongdoing of US intelligence agencies, a haven for psychopaths, Michael Hastings wrote another unflattering article this time on General Petraeus’ failed surge in Afghanistan at the same time that a career officer in Lt. Colonel Davis went public disclosing the dismal truth that America was in fact losing yet another prolonged war half a world away.

Rather than hold psychopaths accountable for gross incompetence and failure, in a psychopathic system one psychopath Obama will only promote another psychopath Petraeus to CIA director. The defeated war commander jumped at the chance of abandoning both his failing military mission and over-rated career after 36 years while involved in an extramarital affair with another West Point grad Major Paula Broadwell who was doing double duty as both his mistress and his All In biographer.

More than any other military leader, Petraeus had been responsible for outsourcing the US military in Middle Eastern wars with the overnight proliferation of corrupt private civilian defense contractors like Blackwater and DynCorp. In fact, by the latter half of those wars, the US had more civilian Americans serving on the warfronts than actual military personnel. As CIA director, Petraeus was already seen as an outsider busily replicating the same outsourcing process of the CIA legions. However, his arrogant disregard stepping on the powerful toes of longtime CIA lifers ended up doing him in more than his adultery.

The psychopathic general was used to being the dictator-boss, fully in control wielding unlimited regal-like power over his subordinate armies. Taking thrill seeking risks while surrounded by sycophantic enablers over many decades produced a grandiose sense of inflated omnipotence, entitlement and impunity that in Petraeus’ case eventually came to bite him in his arrogant ass. Disgruntled CIA operatives turned his affair over to the FBI and the day after Obama was reelected in 2012 the psychopathic CIA director was forced to resign in disgrace just in time to conveniently be out of sight for the Benghazi inquest.

As commander-in-chief Obama travels to the US Military Academy to deliver his graduation commencement speech on Wednesday, it gives Americans pause on the heels of this Memorial Day weekend to reflect on the global destruction and war against humanity currently being waged by the psychopathic killing machine of the US Empire. It is both unsettling and tragic that the oligarchic system produces leadership so rampant with psychopaths. But it also becomes incumbent upon us citizens of the world to call a spade a spade and realize that the status quo power structure limits access to the theft and destruction game only to players who are also fellow psychopaths.

Any individuals within this morally decayed and broken system who are honest and possess a conscience, empathy and compassion for fellow human beings is steeped in inner conflict and have to suffer daily from cognitive dissonance. And as such, they cannot relish playing their part in this sinister game. They will either eventually opt out or be screened out by those less principled insiders that are part of the psychopathic club. Throughout my time in the military I struggled for the exact same reason.

Psychopaths at the very top of this power pyramid will only allow like minded psychopaths into their inner club sanctum. This moral betrayal by those wielding the most power and control on earth must be stopped. Since they are too sick in their deviant pathology to ever change their evil ways on their own, it is left up to us who are guided by a common moral compass to courageously step up and hold these psychopaths accountable for their crimes against humanity. This can only be achieved with the distinct advantage that as just 1% of the total population, the psychopaths and oligarchs are overwhelmingly outnumbered by those of us 99% who are committed to doing what is right in making a positive difference on this earth plane before all is lost.

Joachim Hagopian background in both the military and mental health fields make him uniquely qualified to address psychopaths as a clinician and psychopaths in the military as a West Point graduate and former Army officer. His written manuscript based on his military experience examines leadership and national security issues and can be consulted at: http://www.redredsea.net/westpointhagopian/. After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in psychology and became a licensed therapist working in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now focuses on writing.

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This is what your government does

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War is peace

Obummer says we will be leaving Afghanistan in 2014,  by then we will be in a fight with Iran and their reluctant allies China and Russia, Syria will have been smashed just as Libya was.  What will be gained by staying in Afghanistan for two more years?  Answer Scattered permanent  bases, securing of resources for corporations, protecting poppie fields for heroin production and the installation of weapons on its border.  This geographic location through history has been a gem many empires have lusted over, but have always  failed to secure the country.  The military has been there for ten f—ing years the longest American war in our history and most of us know we have been involved in plenty of them.  We may crash on the rocks of this unconquerable country just like the Russians and British before us.

Who is really behind this blood thirsty never ending war making?  Lets start by following the money.  The banks through the Federal Reserve system lend us money they create out of thin air based on debt and we pay the interest through our taxes.  The military industrial terrorism complex gets the bulk of our direct expenditures and the banking system gets the rest through interest on the debt.

The Nobel Peace prize was made worthless the first time by awarding it to Henry Kissinger and then placed around the neck of the Globalist puppet Obama.  Think about it Obama gets elected and the next thing we know, he gets the peace prize, for what, future actions?  This was nothing less than a psychological operation perpetrated against the citizens of this planet.

blood thirsty

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Illusion or the Fallacy of Authority

Why did I title this post illusion?

Because we live in a manufactured reality created by psychopaths and their minions.  They have control over the issuance of our currency by the private Federal Reserve, this private company is not controlled by anyone elected.  It was invented in 1910 by bankers and their lackeys.  J.D. Rockefella, J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg(English Banker family), Nelson Aldrich(head of finance committee in Congress whose daughter married Rockefellas son)

Since the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 the  dollar has lost 97% of its value. Remember the Fed is not Federal, but a private bank that creates our money from nothing but debt, it has no reserves to back them up and really answers to know one.

This came off the Feds web site, after you read this if you don’t have a question re: their double speak you must be brain dead or in some serious denial.

The Federal Reserve System, often referred to as the Federal Reserve or simply “the Fed,” is the central bank of the United States. It was created by the Congress to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. The Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. Today, the Federal Reserve’s responsibilities fall into four general areas.

  • Conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing money and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of full employment and stable prices.
  • Supervising and regulating banks and other important financial institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial system and to protect the credit rights of consumers.
  • Maintaining the stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets.
  • Providing certain financial services to the U.S. government, U.S. financial institutions, and foreign official institutions, and playing a major role in operating and overseeing the nation’s payments systems.

  • After reading their mission statement how do you think they have been doing?
  • #1 The Fed was in control prior to the Great Depression. Their number one goal is full employment and stable prices. HMMMM The Fed during its tenure has created numerous bubbles and busts, the insiders involved are the ones who benefit while we the herds of sheep lay down, take it in the you know where and give them our taxes to be used to subsidize senseless wars; mono crops such as GMO corn and the rich oil industry.
  • Greenspan reduces interest rates insuring an overheated economy creating the bubble that popped in 2008.  Bernanke creates QE1, QE2, and QE3 insuring stealth inflation by flooding the system with cheap dollars all the time saying inflation does not exist.  Almost all commodities are going up except for a mans labor which has not gone up since 1971, coincidentally Nixon took us off the gold standard that same year.
  • #2 Supervise and regulate financial system.  This statement is about as fraudulent as it gets.  The five banks and AIG receive a bailout for their own mismanagement and outright theft.  The Fed through Tim Geightner and the New York Fed arranged this theft from we the taxpayers.
  • #3 Providing mysterious financial services to the US government(debt servitude), U.S. banking institutions(zero interest for them), and foreign official institutions.  They say they are in charge of it all–come on educate yourself they are the  slave-masters in charge and if you don’t see it try looking.  Why do you think Tim Geightner former head of the New York Fed is the Secretary of The Treasury?  This monster allows for no competing currencies that might be based on something that can not be manipulated.

I won’t go into any more details because good starting information is available online see the Money masters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs or in a good book called the Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin.  Do your own research remove your blinders. This debt based fiat money systems goal is complete world enslavement.  I can hear some of you snicker at my statement.  So okay you doubters how is the world looking?  Some EU countries are almost in default, the Fed has used our tax payer funds to secretly bail them out.  Remember the banker bailouts of 2008?

Hank Paulson ex Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs director said give them the money or the whole financial system would come down.  Tim Geightner was the head of the New York Fed at the time and now he is head of the Treasury, hes a member of The Council On Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group attendee and sits on the board of the Bank Of International Settlements the central bank of central banks.  The bankers created the world financial collapse and not one involved has gone to jail, does the USA deserve to be called the shinning city on the hill?  Can we call ourselves Free?  The banking system has owned enough of our elected officials and always has going back to Hamilton the first Treasury Secretary.  Wars create debt to the psychopathic bankers and get us to stop looking where we should, but instead at invented chimera enemies.  This debt is an illusion, they do not want it paid back, but to just pay the vig (interest)as in debt to a loan shark.  The managers of the money system are flat out crooks and must be hypnotists because most citizens of this country are under their spell.  This system is as old as the pyramids.

Speaking of curtains we are the ones behind the curtain, why say you, because if you have a pension fund, 401K, or own individual stocks do you ever ask for the value of your holdings to go down?  Hell no you want them to go up, but do you ask them to go up in such a way that this increase does no harm?  Probably not, the CEO gets a major part of his compensation in stock options and they will not be the CEO for ever so they do whatever it takes to make the stocks go up in the short term.  Because we want them to go up we don’t allow ourselves to ask questions such as: by moving production from our country to another what will it do to the people who made the products here, does the corporation pollute, does it utilize slave labor in a tyrannical foreign country that used to be a declared enemy of our state?  Does it make products that will last just past the warranty period?  By the way the large multinational corps have interlocking boards of directors.  Because elected sellouts signed NAFTA and GATT into law (Free trade my ass)in 1994 this allowed the off shoring of manufacturing without any penalty.  Please watch the Charlie Rose interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 towards the bottom of this web site.  I used to be a fan of Clinton until discovering he signed NAFTA, GATT, and was responsible for repealing a law called Glass-Steagle signed into law in 1933 to prevent exactly what happened with the bundling of the credit default swaps by the large six banks.  Its all theater.

The biggest illusion of all is government because it taxes without getting the permission from the ones it taxes regarding how the funds are used, we really have no say.  The Federal Reserve, large multinational corporations, and the five large banks own the government. Listen to this interview and watch the video called the tiny dot for a perspective you are unlikely to have seen before. http://www.corbettreport.com/corbett-report-radio-055-the-tiny-dot-with-larken-rose/ Taxes are theft especially the ones that come from D.C.(District of Criminality) WE NEVER ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR OUR OWN INTERESTS except at the local level.  If we are please let me know when, because we vote for a politician (poly as in many, tics as in blood sucking parasites) this does not mean we are free or the person who got our vote will operate on our behalf.  It seems every part of government is in the bag of the powerful, the Supreme Court called the vote for Bush over Gore and signed the totally Orwellian Citizens United where any corporation or even a foreign country can give unlimited funds to a politician of its choice without having to report how much or from who. Does this feel like freedom???  WakeTFup!

Governments create false flag terrorism,(False flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.) these false flags enable the government to wage wars on its people and other countries.  What is the Patriot Act, what is Homeland Security, what is NDAA, but Orwellian control methods.  They NEVER divest themselves of their ill begotten  powers, but always desire for more.(0ver 1 million on the payroll of the government with top secret security clearances)WHY??  They must be afraid of us.  Michael Chertof former head of homeland security and other insiders are profiting immensely from the naked body scanners.   Getting Rich from the TSA Naked-Body Scanners

A fact: you are more likely to die from a car crash, bee sting, lightning strike, champaign cork, or from properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than from some crazed Koran reader.  The government always has a convenient enemy to grab our imagination such as these, Native Americans, Japan, China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, various central and South American countries, and Al Caida(invented by the CIA).  These made up enemies enable the banks, multi national corporations, and the military industrial terrorism complex to wage unlimited wars based on fear.

Fear is the tried and perfected system of control.  The main reason for these wars and occupations is because these countries have resources the corporations want or the banking system needs to establish a beach head.  Remember Muslims do not allow usury(excessive interest) this makes them natural enemies of the banks who control the worlds banking system.  Why do we allow less than 500 people to control us?  Answer: a lifetime of propaganda and mind control.  I could ask 1000 people why we need government and maybe one would say we don’t need it.  They would spew embedded memes like who would educate the kids,(re kids watch this interview by John Taylor Gatto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_CeWip5BpU keep us safe, plow the roads, put out the fires and on and on.  In reality not one of the answers requires government.  All of the things we are brainwashed into believing only the government can do are already being done by people.  There is no reason we need a bunch of so called experts and unelected technocrats running our lives.  The government is a tool of the powers that should not be and always has been.

The elected thespians wrap themselves in the flag and use it as a tool to get us to fall in line behind their charge to invade other countries in the name of keeping us safe.  Soooo you feel good casting your vote in this two party system (duality)where it NEVER gets better, but steadily gets worse, when will you understand that we out number them by millions to one.  We can get our power back by not participating in their system, become conscious, kill their tool of mind control called TEE VEE, do no harm and talk to other humans and I don’t mean talk about football, sports doesn’t  mean a thing in the scheme of  anything important.  Fear is downloaded straight to your brain via the high tech system, some not all of the elected war mongerests now are beating their drums to the tune of wipeout while many here in Prozacastan are in their Rip Van Winkle slumber.  Move your money to a local bank or credit union, don’t shop at Walmart or any other big box store if possible, don’t eat fast food, high fructose corn syrup, chemical sweeteners, get Fluoride out of your water system, don’t eat GMO foods, but raise your own or buy local organic, get healthy and get off pharmaceutical drugs especially antidepressants.  The depth of our own enslavement and self deception is based on a system of social engineering created by masters in this technique.  I have found in talking to my peers that most have no tools to question this system because the system itself is diabolical in how it gets us to blame others or just go along via appathy.  Twelve years of public schooling ensures no ability to question authority and apply critical thinking to what is happening.

When you wake up do not participate in self censorship, but do what you can to wake up others.  You will want to smack people on the head with a 2×4 because the corruption, greed, presstitute lies, constant wars over other countries resources and the creeping police state are so apparent, but that method does not work I guarantee.  Remember we out number them a million to one, imagine if just 10%, 35 million of us turned our backs on this corrupt system, the psychopaths would lose their power and we would get ours back. Go to this web site for a solutions based strategy.  http://www.thrivemovement.com/ You can download the movie for 5.00

ABLE Aware, blind, lost and evil the aware need to take the blinders off the blind and show them how to see, don’t waste time on the lost you know who they are, and my guess is you may have encountered a psychopath or two, but didn’t realize it.  The teevee, main stream press, government regulatory agencies, corporate CEOs, corporate boards, Congress, Supreme Court, Presidency, Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, Secret Societies, Catholic Church and many other CLUBS we will never know the names of are chock full of them. Who Owns The World?


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The State of the State

It is time to change the dream.

It has been a while since the last post, but since my dream last night I want to share it.

The dream consisted of a long line of vehicles in front of me on some non de-script highway in some non de-script landscape. It seemingly took hours to finally get to a vantage point where I could see the cause of the backup, it was an official check point manned by large armed men in dark uniforms. They were picking through toolboxes, suitcases, backpacks, vehicle interiors and every person was being patted down. There were speakers repeating the phrase stay in your vehicle over and over.

Eventually it was my turn in the barrel where the dark uniformed men went through all my belongings and asked me questions such as, “give me your papers, where are you coming from, what did you do there, where are you going, what will you do when you get there, what is your occupation(unemployed), are you single or married, do you have children, how old are they, do you receive food stamps?” I asked the man what was the purpose of this traffic stop and he said it is for your own good, we are keeping you safe. I asked him “safe from what” and he said “terrorists”.

This is a allegory of the creeping police state that has wormed its way into every part of our society. For the most part we are allowing this tyranny to take hold without any resistance because of the fake war on terror programming. What is denial and apathy, but evil? Most Americans seem to drift through their lives without looking around to question their prison or on what side the key resides, as long as they have their depression meds, and the box that streams in their thought memes, sports, non reality programming and the manufactured “News”. I say man would choose death over thinking, why, because the years of programming that starts in elementary school. We are taught that America is exceptional in every way. I say we are good at invading nations for globalist bankers, oil companies and the military industrial terrorism complex.

The elected shills, most not all, work on behalf of themselves and their masters and have sold us out. They don’t pay any attention to the constitution or the fact they are supposed to work for us. They get the best health insurance until they die and after only one term they become millionaires because it is not illegal for them to do insider trading. Because of the Citizens United Supreme court ruling they can take unlimited campaign donations without the past requirement of reporting how much or from who. Does this sound like the America we have been taught to believe in? See Supreme Court Bench sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Everything is upside down and backwards:
*Public school as in a school of fish does not teach critical thinking but to swim with the school and not stick out. A real education would teach real history, not the history that is made up.  A real education would provides students the life tools to question everything. Why does it take twelve years to graduate from High school with a questionable education?  My take on the education system is it functions as a indoctrination baby sitting service.

*The American health system is the most expensive on the planet and is a promoter of pharmaceutical drugs that does not cure patients, but only treats them repeatably. Why in public education are students not taught that proper food and supplements will keep one healthy and prevent the need for drugs. Why is our public water supply fluoridated, if you say to prevent tooth decay that is what you are programmed to say. Do some research into what failed regimes used it, and what industries have to get rid of it, because it is a poison by product of their manufacturing process. Photo from pallet at our water treatment plant. Read material data sheet(MSDS)               http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927595                                                             The health system consisting of doctors, hospitals, medical schools, insurance companies, should exist to promote health, but in reality does the exact opposite.  Cancer in our population has exploded over the last two decades, it is obviously being caused by our environment, yet the cancer industry has no solution or a cure, why would they want a cure, when there is so much money to be made by their lame poisonous treatments.  The US government allows banks to launder illicit drug money, if a bank doesn’t get caught they just keep doing it.  Wachovia prior to being consumed by Wells Fargo got caught laundering 379 Billion and only had to pay around 100 million in fines.  Blacks caught with remnants of a plant in their pockets go to jail for years, but the bank gets off with a small fine(cost of doing business) and know one goes to jail.  There is over 700,000 African Americans in prison for simple marijuana possession.  The war on drugs is just another American war not meant to be won, but is designed to enrich private prison corporations and banks.  The government has been caught over and over dealing banned drugs and it just keeps doing it.  Currently in Afghanistan our soldiers provide the opium dealers with protection and fertilizer.  The proceeds from the sales are deposited in US banks.  George Herbert Walker Bush got the name poppy because he was totally involved in the drug trade when he was the head of the CIA.                                                                   http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/A… So while tens of thousands of Americans continue to be harmed or killed every year by overdoses from drugs originating from this illicit opium trade, and while cultivation of innocuous crops like marijuana and hemp remains illegal in the US, the American military is actively guarding the very poppy fields in Afghanistan that fuel the global drug trade. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.
Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/034289_Afghanistan_opium_trade.html#ixzz1fJ020FNj

*The financial system is a total fallacy based on a debt based fiat currency that is controlled by a private enterprise(Federal Reserve) that allows no audits and no competition. The goal of this system is debt serfdom where countries and persons owe the banks. The goal of a financial system should exist only for the good of humanity, but in reality exists for the benefit of only a tiny minority. This area to be expanded

*Why do we have non stop wars that are never won? Why does the government always have a convenient enemy that only wants to take your freedom. Why do we invade countries without nuclear weapons that are inhabited by brown and tan skinned poor people and steal their resources? What companies get the spoils from our invasions?

*Why does the midwest grow two major crops, corn and soy beans with the growing system designed by Monsanto.  This system uses round up a herbicide(weed killer) and the seeds are genetically modified so insects ether die when they consume the plant or don’t eat it at all.  If you think eating GMed food will not harm you just keep eating it.

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Bridging Consciousness

Our city’s over-reaction to a river/bridge installation seems par for the course.  My art partner, Elizabeth Somers,  and I proposed an art installation for a pedestrian bridge located on the Animas River here in Durango CO.   As per the ‘process’  stipulated for such proposals, we contacted the head of Parks and Recreation.  She informed us we would need to present our concept to several (three to be exact) groups/orgs that dealt with river issues.  After a brief presentation there was a motion and a second allowing us to go ahead with the project.

We called the Parks & Rec office approximately three weeks later to inquire after the status of our proposal and were told it was approved by the city council and we could proceed.  We were also told we could keep the installation up for one week.   For the project’s inception we’d always thought in terms of ‘temporary’ and ‘finite’, and we were fine with the weeks allotment.   We also stated that our concept was not final and might change due to the nature of the creative process.  Nothing was put in writing  —  Our mistake for not asking.

Some time after the presentation we decided to collect and weave over 600 cd/dvds into a screen that was intended to represent “We, the people”.  I will say, that in our original proposal, it was not mentioned that a cd ‘screen’ would be part of the installation, nor several other components that we added  after the presentation.  




The installation was completed and up for possibly four hours before six ‘peace officers’ dismantled it.  One week prior to this installation the sewage treatment plant was found to be leaking raw sewage by a kayaker on a Friday up river.  Three hundred thousand gallons of untreated sewage spilled into the river for the entire weekend, but the city did not inform anyone of their malfeasance.

The words “If you lived under here you would be home” to me are a play on the real-estate business, but mainly calling attention to the chasm between the business of selling real-estate and the homeless.

While we were installing the piece an army Vet of twelve years was interested in what we were doing and I asked him about his time in the service.  He said he was in Desert Storm and had PTSD,  but the VA would not believe that his ailments were real.  He gets a very small monthly stipend and at this time is housed, but in the past has been homeless.

I believe our Vets were used as tools in the application of a foreign policy that lines the pockets of very powerful individuals and corporations to the detriment of the entire planet.  (IMO, all wars are deception.)  The most prosperous nation on the face of the earth, on any given night, has over 100,000 homeless Vets.  What does that say about our society and more importantly,  what does that say about each and every one of us?  We allow our elected and non-elected bureaucratic officials to wage non-stop wars, fought in our name.  We allow ourselves to be easily controlled by fear.

This tool is in the playbook of governments going far back in time.  If it’s not the Muslims then it’s the Jews.  If not the Jews, it’s the Christians.  If not the Christians it’s the Mexicans.  If not the Mexicans, it’s the Japanese.  If not him it is you.  It’s time for the human race to realize we are all the same,  and the real enemy is ourselves.

We have to start living in harmony with each other and just as importantly, with the earth that provides for us.  By treating the planet like we have a spare,  the inevitable crash will arrive sooner rather than later.  Maybe the earth is trying to correct the imbalance called Man by all of these climatic changes and wars.   The financial system is killing the planet, any system based on non-stop growth eventually will collapse under it’s own weight.

It's like people in a drag net

Police 'Drag net' composed of we the people

Financial terrorist, question mark, homeless and WE the people

where unwanted art goes to die-maybe the idea will live on

City pickup at cemetery with entire art piece in bed

I thank first and foremost Elizabeth, my partner.   Then  Zoe, Alden, Crystal, Sharon, Summer, Michael, Mike — everyone who provided CDs/DVDs (Sofia via the generosity of The Methodist Thrift) — and the City of Durango and the various river boards for allowing us to install this piece — short-lived though it was.   Also Scott Griggs for his excellent photo documentation.

Bridging Consciousness

Elizabeth Somers & Jeff Madeen

More questions than answers, but if we don?t ask the questions we will never get to the answers.

Why does the wealthiest country in the history of the world on any given night have over 100,000 of its military vets homeless?

Why do we have a defense budget that equals the next 45 countries combined?

Why do the bankers that caused the global economic meltdown get bailed out and receive record bonuses year after year?

Why do 1 percent of the wealthiest people own 50% of all the wealth?

Why does America have the largest prison population on the planet?

American prisons cost us 600 billion per year, who benefits? Who populates these prisons?

Why do 43 million Americans receive food stamps?

Why does the central government get larger every year, but the benefits the average citizen receives, get smaller?

Why are interest rates at a 50 year low, but no one can get a loan?

Why could anyone wanting a loan get one without any money down in the years 2003-2007?

Why do essential commodities such as food and fuel go up yet real wages have not risen since the 70s?

Why does Ben Bernanke (head of federal reserve) say there is no inflation?

Why do we allow a private central bank to control the issuance of our currency?

Why is this currency issuance based on debt?

Why does our country involve itself in almost endless wars? Answer it creates debt.

Why do we have a war on terror? Can it be won? What does a win look like?

Why do our elected officials become millionaires after one term?

Why has the real value of a dollar(what it buys) decreased by 96% since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913?

Who created the Federal Reserve?

Why did we get off the gold standard in 1971?

Why is gold at record highs?

Who did the Federal Reserve lend 16 trillion in low interest loans to?

Why do we allow corporate consolidation so there is only a handful of corporations in any sector?

Why did we allow our manufacturing to go to a country that we used to call an enemy.  This country has worker dorms, limited freedoms, no free speech and no pollution controls?

What is the purpose of QE2-QE3 who benefits?  What does this do to savers?

Why are modern small appliances and communication devises manufactured without replaceable parts?

Why do we allow industrial seed producers to patent their seeds?

Why do industrial food manufactures not have to label foods containing GMO?s?

Why do we subsidize corn production?

Why is there a dead zone not related to the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico the size of New Jersey?

Why do we subsidize oil companies?

Why is the power grid centralized?

Why do we continue to use food production methods that deplete soil at rates well above replacement levels?

Why do government workers put their hands down our pants in airports?

Why did the Supreme Court pass Citizens United?

Why do 106,000 people die per year taking properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

Why do Americans not understand the financial system, why do they think things will get better?

Why do six corporations own every main stream news agency and Hollywood studio, that includes PBS and NPR.

Why does the average American watch four hours of TV programming per day? Why is it called programming?

Why is critical thinking not taught in public schools?

These are only a few of the questions we should be asking ourselves. We the people have to break the control methods and interact with each other to find real solutions.

Materials used: the words


600 cd/dvds woven into a screen representing we the people

Dimensions 9?x10?H

Metal V clad in fine steel wool 42”x68”H


If there were money in peace there would be no war

Wood question mark with my brain scans laminated on each block

10-15 count 1/4”x2”x8? clear plexiglass strips with words mounted on them.

See Herald article and editorial links below.



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“The Names” – and some faces…

This gallery contains 1 photo.

When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction. by Tony Cartalucci This is your real government; they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average American and … Continue reading

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In June of 2009 I had a stroke related to inadvertently beaning myself with a ‘T’ post pounder, in May, while erecting a garden fence to keep out the local mule deer. This incident changed the way I see the world.  I understand that head trauma typically changes peoples personalities. With me, I found it necessary to try and understand the financial system that melted down in November of 2008, and the web of connected dots that is never talked about in ‘lame stream’ news. Coinciding with my investigation I killed my TV and lost interest in things that don’t “count”,  such as football.

I know many people that feel things are not right, but do not allow themselves because of willful ignorance to pull the curtain away and see the corruption and pure evil that surrounds this so-called democracy we are controlled by.  These people are my friends and they are smart and generally aware in many other ways.  They do not want to question the Government, as being the main problem.  I say this because the Government is a tool that is controlled by powerful corporations and individuals.  In our democracy the elected officials who retire or don’t get re-elected go into the private corporate world and come back as lobbyists.

The Supreme Court, in for life and unelected; the entire current crew scares the crap out of me.                                                                                                                                                  The title of my piece, ‘The Supreme Court Bench’ is based on the ruling  Citizens United which is pure Orwellian doublespeak.

Materials: 1/4″ steel plates, cable, turnbuckle, 100’s of images, corporate logos, epoxy.                        Private collectionInterconnected corruption of government, NGO's, and corporations

EVERY politician that makes it as the main candidate for President, Congress and Senate in either party is approved by, and funded by the power Elites.  Nothing has changed, no matter the party in power,  since I don’t know when.  The military-industrial-terrorism complex, always gets increases because they play the fear card, best.  The Powers-That-Be (PTB) want us fighting each other or engaged in nonsense, so that we will not see the curtain, let alone what may be behind it.  See this CBS news report,  starring my second favorite Neocon.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU4GdHLUHwU&feature=related


After my stroke, 50 years of programming more or less started to fall away.  We are subversively and subliminally propagandized  to think that America is the best country in the history of mankind.  I love this country because of it’s people.  Most want to do good, but others will take until there is nothing left to take or until WE stop them.

Jefferson said,  ‘Question your government…’.   If we do nothing how do you think things will end up?  Keep your money in your communities.  Yeah they create it from debt and from nothing,  but to have a chance we all have to become local.

See fascism, corptocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy, and shills.  These systems do not work so well for the regular honest citizen.


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O’bummer the fiddler

Yesterday, our campaign-promise-breaker-in-chief, (what’s new?) spent the entire morning making his picks for the NCAA B-ball tournament.  The Japanese nuclear reactors meltdown had been unfolding for five days, but I think even more important is what is happening in Libya.  Folks, this is another war we are entering.  Many people will hit the streets and protest the new war, but as in the protests against the invasion of Iraq and the banker bailouts THEY will not pay any attention to us the useless ‘feeders’ (attributed to Henry Kissinger) and do whatever they want.

‘O’ pushes forward 3 billion loan guarantee for two new Nuke power generators in Texas.

General Electric (GE) makes nuke reactors and is a large supplier of weapons of mass destruction to the Pentagon — Duh– and sends plenty of jobs to other countries.  GE pays zero taxes.  General Electric’s CEO, Jeff Immelt,  has been named the new leader of one of President Obama’s economic council.  The council, the recently renamed President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, focuses on the creation of new jobs.  All these names seem to me as Orwellian doublespeak.  What does ‘competitiveness’ mean?

This guy will not create one job in the US,  outside of hiring some new aides.

Just in July 25, 2011

G.E Moving X Ray Business To China.. Why?

General Electric Co.’s health care unit, the world’s biggest maker of medical imaging machines, is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing.

“A handful” of top managers will move to the Chinese capital and there won’t be any job cuts, said Anne LeGrand, general manager of X-ray for GE Healthcare. The headquarters will move from Wisconsin amid a broader plan to invest about $2 billion across China, including opening six “customer innovation” and development centers.

The division should have “double-digit” growth rates as the country converts from film and analog to digital X-ray technology, LeGrand said.

Who’s money bailed them out, and they are now moving to China? Really? Disgusting.
Remember GE made 14 Billion in declared profits last year and paid zero taxes.

“FORTUNE — Jeff Immelt is pushing the boundaries of his role as CEO of G.E. into one of a global figurehead.”

He is just another narcissistic sociopath who does not care about you.

“Immelt, on the other hand, has been CEO of General Electric (GE,Fortune 500) since 2001, and has worked at the company since 1982–the same year that he graduated with an M.B.A. from Harvard University.”

My add:  What is in the water at Harvard that shits out these guys?  They go from corporations, to the government, to academia,  round and round.  His economic philosophies are based on his knowledge from the company.  GE made the reactors in Japan.  Immelt learnt his corporatist ways at the knees of guys such as Jack Welsh.  For the first time GE has a seat at the table.

Title: ‘O’bummer


Original campaign flyers, 20 ga steel, high fructose corn syrup

It never changes

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